When a jazz club dies…

Posted: June 23, 2011 in What is Who's What Now? Our Mission Stated.

…the media lives to talk about it. And the talk is usually concerned with how ‘out’ jazz is (no, not that kind of ‘out’) as far as making a buck is concerned.

In their haste to report the economic death of the jazz scene, these articles fail to capture anything positive about the communities of musicians that stock these clubs with music year after year. The NY Times article concerning the closing the SF club Coda, made this problem particularly salient to me. The Times might find it interesting that in the months that have passed since that clubs death, virtually nothing has changed in the vibrant musical community the Bay Area supports.

And by ‘nothing’ I mean that negative editorials concerning the viability of jazz flow steadily off the presses. With a glut of articles with predictably hackneyed titles like “Jazz Musicians Sing the Blues” (and so on, and so forth), it might surprise that on any given night in the Bay, you can see amazing music performed by jazz musicians fit to be reckoned with anywhere.

In the weeks to come this blog will present in depth interviews with the people who create and nurture the musical community in the Bay Area and beyond.  As these conversations are posted, my hope is that the positive, creative life of jazz can shine forth and counter the shadowy tales of the death of jazz.

Cheers, CV


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